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Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, E-Commerce ConsultantDear Member of the Press,

Here are materials about Wilson Internet Services that you may find useful in covering our services, newsletters, and personnel:

As a widely read Internet consultant, Dr. Wilson has been interviewed and quoted in many periodicals, including the Wall Street Journal, Business Investors Daily, ABCnews Online, the Atlanta Business Journal, and Inter@ctive Week. Feel free to use background information and a photograph if that will be helpful for your article. Feel free to call Dr. Wilson for a telephone interview. You'll find him easy to get a hold of, and quite willing to talk with the press. As a journalist, he's conducted his share of phone interviews, so he understands about deadlines, angles, and useful quotes. You may call (916) 652-4659, Monday through Friday, between 9 am and 4 pm, Pacific Time.

Over the years Dr. Wilson has be mentioned many times in national and international news media, including the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and many others.

Recent Press Release

2012 Dr. Ralph Wilson Announces Sale of Web Marketing Today, 23 April 2012

Historic Collection of Press Releases and Coverage

2009 Web Marketing Today Shares 15th Anniversary with Commercial Internet , 10 November, 2009
2006 Internet Marketing Stalwart Joined by Exclusive Group of Industry Experts, 30 October, 2006
2001 7th Annual Tenaga Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence, September 5, 2001
2001 Q & A: Wilson on Working the Web, Workz.com, 31 August, 2001
2000 Business Week Coverage for Web Commerce Today, 31 January, 2000
2000-2004 Other Press Mentions, 2000-2004
1999 Electronic Commerce Research Room Helps Web Merchants over the Information Hurdle, 26 January, 1999
1998 Marketing Your Internet Business on a Slim Budget, 20 November, 1998
1997 General Press Release, 12 August, 1997
1995-2000 Press Mentions, reviews awards and kudos, 1995-2000

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