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We are deeply honored that our contributions to the Internet were received so widely in the early days of the Internet.

PC Magazine, September 21, 1999 (p. 36) cited one of our most popular articles in an article entitled "Make Your Site a Success." "For a final flight check before launching your promotional campaign, read "The Web Marketing Checklist: 26 Ways to Promote Your Site" found at Web Marketing Today."

CyberTools for Business In CyberTools for Business (1573110256 Hoovers Business Press, 1997, pp. 87-88) Wayne Harris writes: "If you're seriously considering migrating to the Web, whether you're a computer novice or the systems administrator for a corporate intranet, the Web Marketing Info Center is as close as you'll come to Web nirvana.... One indication of how good this site is: some of the most helpful articles are written in-house by Wilson Internet Services director Ralph F. Wilson.... Regardless of whom you select to build your site, dropping by the Web Marketing Info Center will give you a solid benchmark against which to measure other competitors."

Flanders & Willis, Web Pages That Suck Web Pages That Suck (Sybex, March 1998), by Vincent Flanders and Michael Willis, comments our site and shows one of our pages. But don't worry, they say nice things. They call our Web Marketing Info Center "one of the best resources on the Internet that deals with marketing. You could and should spend days here. What Dr. Ralph F. Wilson has done is something everyone should be doing -- providing content."

Who's Marketing Online? "Dr. Ralph Wilson has developed a tactical marketing resource that goes beyond simple hotline compilation. The Promoting Your Web Site--worth the visit alone--is only a small part of these impressive, regularly updated pages." -- Charles Sayers, "Building Site Traffic," Cover Story, Who's Marketing Online, December 1995

"Top Web Site for Small Business"

"This handsome page, maintained by Ralph Wilson, a Rocklin, Calif.-based Web consultant, tells you how to set up a Website of your own. Cost: no more than $1,000. When you consider that a Web page is accessible to any Internet user in the world, that grand could be the smartest money you ever spent." -- Your Company published for American ExpressLamar Graham in Your Company magazine, Fall 1995, p. 39, published by Money for Corporate Cardmembers of American Express.

Blue Plate Special Award"Blue Plate Special" Award

from America Online's Web Diner. Recognition for excellence as a Web site design resource, November 1995.

Web Review's Tipsheet

Web Review"Have you been reading the Doonesbury columns lately where Mike has to put up a Web site in one weekend? Are you in the same boat? Dr. Ralph Wilson has answers in his treasure trove of articles about the convergence of the Web and small business.

"The Tipster particularly appreciated one of the original articles by Dr. Wilson (OK, let's drop the honorific and call him Ralph). Aside from a mouthful of a title, 12 Web Page Design Decisions Your Business or Organization Will Need to Make is clearly written and cleverly designed. It even incorporates a form that helps you figure out what you really want in your Web presence. Ralph also publishes a free bi-weekly e-mail newsletter, Web Marketing Today. He wrote in by e-mail that the site is his way of "serving the Internet community." And the Tipster has faith that Ralph is not a cheeseball, especially after noting his reasonable rates and non-spamming policies." -- The Tipster, Web Review's Tip Sheet for December 8, 1995

Leading Learning Fountain logoLeading Learning Fountain selection

Chosen in the "Learning-Community Stimulator" category as fast loading, vistor-centric, learning catalyst, focused, thorough, and transaction enabling.

"45 Best-Kept Business Survival Secrets"

Home Office ComputingWe were listed in the : "If you're thinking about creating a Web site, visit http://www.wilsonweb.com/webmarket/, a page that will tell you how to do it for under $1,000 and teach you about effective Web marketing." -- Stephen J. Simurda, "Launching or Growing Your Business on a Shoestring: An Insider's Guide," Home Office Computing, April 1996, p. 61

Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Online, Small Biz Connection.
"Effective Web Marketing: Links to Internet resources for people interested in marketing on the Web."


Listed by Virtuocity

"Top Selection" in Prodigy's Small Business Section

First American GPA's Top 10 List

Xerox Corp. Small Office resources "Effective Web Marketing. Links to on-line articles about effective Web marketing and to on-line resources for business."

"Take advantage of this site, as it is definitely one of the most comprehensive resources around." -- Editor, Active Marketer

AT&T Business Network

The AT&T Business Network listed our Web Marketing Info Center as an "Editor's Choice" among their Business Bookmarks. "... presented in an attractive and easy-to-navigate format. You can also subscribe to Web Marketing Today, a free, bi-weekly newsletter delivered via email."

Inc. Online"Excellent resources for learning how to market over the Web. Includes articles on Web marketing, lots of links, the opportunity to join a free newsletter, consulting services." -- "recommended" by Inc. Online

Web Page Design bookMary Morris and Randy J. Hinrichs show a screen shot of our Web Marketing Today Web page on p. 23, to illustrate how "WilsonWeb handles attention space well." -- Web Page Design: A Different Multimedia (Prentice Hall, SunSoft Press, 1996)

First Steps Marketing and Design Daily

First Steps Marketing and Design Daily"Take another look at Ralph Wilson's Internet Consulting Services. Wilson has patiently built a solid supply of Internet Design and Marketing Tutorials. As time passes, the accumulated value of the content on his site increases as a resource for beginners and experienced web Marketers.

"With recurring content and foundation links in place, a website is ready to begin solid long term placement and brand development.

Final note....if you haven't yet, you should get a subscription to Wilson's regular newsletter. It's free by email."

WebScout Way CoolEffective Web Marketing won WebScout's "Way Cool" Web site recognition in Marketing and PR.


Listed as a Select "Select" site. They write: "WilsonWeb.com. Hundreds of web pages providing resources for small-business Internet services and web marketing, including a free, subscription-based e-mail newsletter."

Lycos "Popular Sites from A to Z"

Lycos"12 Web Page Design Decisions Your Business Will Have to Make. It's simple but true: The best Web pages make strong impressions because they're well-planned in advance. This page from Web consultant Ralph Wilson addresses a dozen questions businesses or organizations should ask before setting up a home page."

NetGuideNetGuide Online gives us its four-star rating 4-star rating and says, "Wilson Internet Services offers a multitude of Web business services from this sharp-looking site with clean-cut American flavor. Free subscription to a marketing e-zine is offered, as well as informative, well-written articles about effective Web sales techniques and technical requirements. If you are putting your business on the Web, this is an excellent place to begin."

Canadian Business Canadian Business, August 1997, p. 81, listed Web Marketing Today in their short list of "Web sites that I've found invaluable in trying to figure out how we can make money on the Internet."

NETrageous Results newsletter An interview with Dr. Wilson by Audri Lanford appears in NETrageous Results, October 1998 entitled "Secrets of a Web Marketing Pioneer Revealed!"

WestHost Notable Site
  • WestHost Weekly's Notable Site for the week of October 26, 1999
  • Webmaster Confidence Award from World Class Photo Ads
  • Golden Pen Award for Excellence in Online Publishing from Southern New Mexico Online
  • Small Business Computing
  • Book Marketing Update
  • Scott Owen's BestEzines.com

Top 5% of All Web Sites About the Christian Articles Archive, they write, "Pastor Wilson intends that these works might offer personal inspiration, serve as public speaking illustrations.... Bear in mind, this archive represents one man's perspective (a rather conservative one at that), but it's obviously a labor of love, and readily presented for devotional readers." -- Point Communication's Top 5% of All Web Sites

Best buttonThe Web's BesT Marketing Resources

I have a confession to make. I take Ralph Wilson's (who I affectionately refer to as Dr. Ralph) Web Marketing Information Center for granted. It's a tremendous site and resource -- with links to more than 300 marketing-related articles. But its real value is in the insights written by Dr. Ralph himself, who has a personal and practical grasp of successful online marketing tactics. It's a site that will take several visits -- and every one you make will be well worth it. -- Charles Sayer, editor of Who's Marketing Online

Internet Strategist AwardInternet Strategist Award

"Dr. Wilson provides quality content for his readers along with numerous quality links to on-line articles of interest to Web marketers. While the publication is an entity in itself, Dr. Wilson does solicit your feedback on his articles on the Marketing Forum section of his Web site...."

Best of the Web Best of the Web lists WilsonWeb.com in their select topical list in two categories: e-commerce and Web marketing.

"Congratulations on your Newsletter growing to over 10,000 subscribers! Its success is well deserved. It (and your Web Site) are amongst the very best resources available on the Net for Internet entrepreneurs and small business people." -- Jerry Corbin, appreciative subscriber

"In his free bi-weekly email newsletter about online marketing, Dr. Ralph Wilson proffers a seemingly endless amount of relevant and timely information -- past articles have included "How to Attract Visitors to Your Web Site" and "How to Shop for a Local Internet Service Provider." On the site, you'll find 20 archived issues of his newsletter, plus subscription information. A good listproc to subscribe to for small businesses." -- Larry Chase, Editor, Web Digest for Marketers, September 4, 1996

NetMarketing by Bruce Judson"Web Marketing Today: With tips on how to increase hits on your company's Website, articles on customizing your company's domain, and success stories by others who are marketing in Cyberspace, this bimonthly publication will keep you up on developments in Net marketing." -- Bruce Johnson, head of Time's Pathfinder Web site, and author of NetMarketing: How Your Business Can Profit from the Online Revolution (New York: Wolff New Media, 1996), p. 313.

John December, World Wide Web Unleashed, 1997 Edition In the Fourth Edition of The World Wide Web Unleashed (Macmillan-SamsNet, 1997, pp. 532-533), Web guru John December writes about our site, "This is really a vast site -- there's much material here, and it is up-to-date and at a fairly high level of approach.... This is definitely a place where you should spend some time reading and learning. The articles are well-selected -- although there are hundreds of articles, the signal-to-noise level here is high."

YahooYahoo has created a whole section for what they call "Wilsonweb.com articles"

Excite! Reviews

[Web Marketing Info Center]. "Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, of Rocklin, California's Wilson Internet Services, maintains this authoritative, attractive and well organized list of links to on-line articles about effective Web marketing and to various Web resources for business."

Excite! Reviews Web Marketing Today. "One of the best gimmicks in marketing is the freebee. Ralph Wilson, of Wilson Internet services, gives away the subscriptions to this e-mail newsletter, which is snappy, clear, and full of excellent advice about putting your business on the Web. If you'd like to let his company build your site, all the better."

4 star "must see" rating
Christian Articles Archives. "Here you'll find a treasure trove of nearly 100 pieces collected and written by "Pastor and Web Page Designer" Dr. Ralph F. Wilson of Rocklin, California. With brief inspirational piece, a touch of humor, and the story behind America's favorite hymn."

Vassos, Strategic Internet Marketing"Dr. Ralph Wilson has created valuable content that builds his credibility in the Web design and consulting marketplace. His outbound strategy involves an online newsletter called Web Marketing Today. This newsletter provides valuable tips regarding Internet and Web marketing.

"... There is so much valuable information in the free newsletter that one might suggest he is giving away too much. Wilson would suggest, however, that he's not. Valuable content establishes his credibility and improves the 'top-of-mind awareness' of Wilson Internet Services in the marketplace." -- Tom Vassos, Internet Strategies Manger for IBM Canada, author, Strategic Internet Marketing (Que, 1996), p. 142. Also shows screen shot of WMT home page.

Glossbrenner, Making More Money on the Internet "Don't select your Web master until you have visited Wilson Internet Services and taken a look at that company's description of service and price list for 'Standard Web Site Packages.' The information is clearly presented and offers a range of options for businesses and professionals looking for affordable Web design services.... We suggest you print out all the information and use it as a yardstick for evaluating other Webmaster fees.

"You should also be sure to print and read '12 Web Page Design Decisions Your Business or Organization Will Need to Make.' In clear, well-written text, Ralph Wilson, the company's founder, discusses site and domain names, how to handle various kinds of graphics, the basic elements of a Web page, and more." -- Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner, Making More Money on the Internet (McGrawHill, 1996), pp. 183-184.

PC WeekPC Week mentioned our Web site in their November 4, 1996 issue, p. 70. "Wilson Internet Services, a Web page design and consulting company, has created this site to help smaller companies and organizations with Web design issues. The site ... offers tips on a variety of areas you need to keep in mind when creating your site...."

Wall Street Journal

Dr. Wilson is cited in the Wall Street Journal, December 9, 1996, p. R25, in an article by Thomas E. Weber on creating a home page.

Robin Frost, in an article entitled "Both Publishers and Subscribers Praise E-mail Newsletters, Lists" (WSJ Online, December 10, 1997), uses Web Marketing Today as an example of an e-mail newsletter, and quotes Dr. Wilson several times.

Big Yellow

Dr. Wilson's article "Questions Small Businesses Ask about the Internet," appeared for the week of December 23, 1996 as a Big Yellow 60-Second Seminar, "featuring Internet gurus and their Web expertise."

In a August 16, 1999 article entitled "Drawing up a Web Sales Strategy," MSNBC cited Dr. Wilson in a story examining the results of small business e-commerce sites.

ZD TV We've been mentioned on ZDTV. In a 1998 interview entitled "Find a Niche for Your New Business" on "The Money Machine," guest Dan Janal recommend our site as "a lot of great information for small businesspeople and entrepreneurs."

Featured in Yahoo! Internet Life

Our site was featured in Yahoo! Internet Life's "Ask the Surf Guru" for October 19, 1998.

It says "For more insight on crafting a noteworthy newsletter, you might check out "Marketing via E-Mail Newsletters and Mailing Lists". Featured on Internet Tonight TV "Written by Dr. Ralph Wilson, the pinball wizard of Web marketing, the piece fills in the fine points of making sure your newsletter doesn't read like the phone book." Now I'm not exactly sure what a "pinball wizard" is, but....

Creating Stores on the Web Creating Stores on the Web by Joe Cataudella, Ben Sawyer, and Dave Greely, point out Web Commerce Today newsletter and our Electronic Commerce Research Room, with the words, "this site is a great resource."

Net Results: Web Marketing That Works Net Results: Web Marketing That Works, by US Web and Rick E. Bruner (Hayden Books, 1998), lists WilsonWeb among their short list of marketing resources.

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